If You Ain’t Been To Texas (Mp3)




If You Ain’t Been To Texas there is a story behind this song. I had put together every living member of the original Lynyrd Skynrd and we were doing a Texarkana tour of about 20 dates. We were outside Dallas Texas somewhere and we had a Texan boost to us and said “There ain’t no way you can write a song about Texas is you don’t live there” one thing led to another and we put a $100 bill down and said wanna bet? Come back in a hour we won the bet. My good friend Terry Nails is masturbating on the slide guitar. Terry played bass with Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose and Tommy Tutone. Terry co wrote this with me and we recorded it on a 4 track tape recorder you know how it is when you record something and capture the feel of the moment. We decided for shits and giggles to put this song out to world radio. To our surprise it hit #1 in many countries of Europe and the UK.